Design Policy

When we design a website, we incorporate elements that support good search engine performance, ease of navigation and compatibility between multiple web browsers. We do not copyright any website we design - once it is finished, it belongs to the customer.


  • We will estimate the design time and require up-front payment of 30% of that estimate in order to schedule design of the website.
  • A draft site will be made available to the customer during the development stage. Once the customer is satisfied that the site is acceptable, any outstanding balance must be paid in full, after which the site will be published in its live environment under the customer's chosen domain name.
  • The design of a four to five page website typically takes up to 10 hours, excluding customer consultation and any ongoing amendments to the initial draft. Once the site design is agreed, additional pages typically take 30-90 minutes.

Customer Requirements

Please provide us with information to create your website. This normally includes: a brochure or comparable text describing your business, pictures/photographs, logos, quotations or testimonials, prices, policies and any additional information you would like included. If you have specific design elements and/or color schemes in mind, please include those. If you would like to e-mail materials, please send them to:

This design time is minimised when the customer:

  • Provides design materials in an organized and easily understood fashion
  • Provides text for website in digital format, so we don't have to retype it
  • Provides good quality photographs/digitised images

The design may take longer and cost more if the customer:

  • Desires complicated elements like slideshows, hover buttons, flash, virtual tours, printable pages, etc
  • Wants Viron Media to work with third party designers or consultants
  • Does not provide us with design expectations such as colors, logo, or layout before we begin work, or if the customer changes his/her mind frequently
  • Requires a pre-registered domain name to be transferred to Viron Media. The set charge for transferring a domain name is £30 per hour, and we cannot estimate how long this particular process will take

Digital Images and Text

The preferred format for supplying editorial content (text) to Viron Media is in a digital text document via email, HTML, Microsoft Word, or a general text editor such as notepad. If text content has to be manually typed by Viron Media there will be an additional administrative charge of £10 per A4 sheet or equivalent

Viron Media produce images for websites at screen resolution quality only and are under no obligation to reproduce them as high resolution print quality digital images. Please note that scanning of negatives and slides will incur an additional charge of £5 per image as these take longer to process

Where digital images are provided by the customer instead of prints or negatives, these must be in PC format and in Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator compatible files (example formats include .jpg, .gif, .psd, .ai, .tif, .eps). If the files are not convertible, we will charge to take them to a third party for conversion

Viron Media will place an unobtrusive link at the bottom of your site pages saying "Website designed by Viron Media".


Defining a specific time period for developing a website is always hard and in some cases the estimated timescales may run over schedule. Estimated timescales are particularly dependent on the timely receipt of suitable business information and photographic material from the customer and prompt customer feedback to each draft of the site produced. The price as agreed will remain fixed even if development runs over schedule.

Site Maintenance

Additional charges (such as ongoing annual fees for site hosting, domain registration, online statistics, extra pages, site maintenance etc.) may be incurred. If payment timescales for invoices subsequently issued are not met by the customer, Viron Media reserves the right to withdraw the live site from the public domain until such time as all outstanding customer debts are settled in full.

We can send customers a copy of the completed website on CD-Rom for £10.