Why You Should Never Hire ‘Pay on Results’ SEO Companies

Over the years I’ve met numerous people who have been badly bitten by SEO scammers in long-term contracts who have given the industry a bad name. So when a company comes along offering you to only pay on results (such as achieving a #1 ranking for a particular keyword), that sounds fantastic and risk-free, right?


Think about it; If you’re paying a company (or individual) once a result has been met, then surely they will do anything to achieve that as quickly as possible. That could mean cutting corners with spamming tactics and black-hat SEO to trick Google’s system which will result in your website getting penalised or even completely blacklisted from their search results. Sometimes getting caught can take a little while and by then you’re likely to have paid them. Their response is likely inform you that you got the result you wanted and I doubt very much they would rectify the problem once they have your money. So whilst this option seemed low-risk in regards to cash, you can see how there are much bigger long-term risks such as re-establishing a presence in Google or even having to start-over as a worst case scenario.

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How to Build a Brand for a Small Business on a Budget

1. Logo

One of the most important and recognisable things about your company/brand is your logo. This should appear consistently in branding on your website, letterheads, business cards and more.

2. Content

Your printed material and website content needs to be unique, well written and engaging. Don’t just list a range of services you provide or products you sell. Be enthusiastic! Explain why you do what you do, and give people a reason to connect with you.
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The Benefits of Good Web Design

Revolution Party Band WebsiteWeb design has become a key issue with all businesses, as web presence conitunes to become more important to business success. Throwing together a web page just to be online is no longer acceptable. For many companies, the website has become the primary marketing vehicle and in some cases, the business itself. In order to maximise the power of the web, a business must make their website as useful and attractive to customers as possible.

Great web design combines efficiency and aesthetics in a way that becomes memorable and brings users back. The more user-friendly the site is with useful content, the more likely users will bookmark it and keep coming back. Common mistakes made by new businesses and inexperienced web designers are lack of content, with a lack of imagination and understanding of what the web is all about.

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How to Create an Effective Landing Page

For those not familiar with what a landing page is, they are an optimised page on your website focused on getting a visitor to fulfill and action, such as to order an eBook, download a file or subscribe to a newsletter.

To create an effective landing page, it should have a clearly defined purpose. When planning the content, you need to focus on what the end goal is, such as:

  • Do you want someone to register/subscribe to a newsletter?
  • Do you want someone to fill out a form, email or call you?
  • Do you want people to attend an event?
  • Do you want people to follow your company on twitter, facebook and other social media accounts?
  • Do you want people to print, email, like, share your content and raise company awareness?

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The New Viron Media Design!

After many months of hard work we have finally updated our website with a brand new web design!

We will still be rolling out a few more improvements over the upcoming months, such as improvements to the customer ordering experience, additional examples of recent projects (that we are currently working on) and some new products and services. So add us on facebook, twitter and/or google plus to receive updates when these become available.

Some key areas we recommend viewing are:

If you would like to consider us for your next website project, please get in touch with us today.

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