Why You Should Never Hire ‘Pay on Results’ SEO Companies

Over the years I’ve met numerous people who have been badly bitten by SEO scammers in long-term contracts who have given the industry a bad name. So when a company comes along offering you to only pay on results (such as achieving a #1 ranking for a particular keyword), that sounds fantastic and risk-free, right?


Think about it; If you’re paying a company (or individual) once a result has been met, then surely they will do anything to achieve that as quickly as possible. That could mean cutting corners with spamming tactics and black-hat SEO to trick Google’s system which will result in your website getting penalised or even completely blacklisted from their search results. Sometimes getting caught can take a little while and by then you’re likely to have paid them. Their response is likely inform you that you got the result you wanted and I doubt very much they would rectify the problem once they have your money. So whilst this option seemed low-risk in regards to cash, you can see how there are much bigger long-term risks such as re-establishing a presence in Google or even having to start-over as a worst case scenario.

So What Should You Do?

I would strongly recommend working with a company who talks about improving your website SEO over a long term. The chances are that their approach is more likely to be using low-risk strategies to improve your overall rankings and brand awareness – not damage it.

For example; we (Viron Media) start off by discussing what you want to achieve with your website and create a unique SEO strategy for you, outlining all the work that we feel needs to be carried out in order to meet those requirements. We then recommend a number of hours each month as a guide, but ultimately you control/set your budget. Month by month, you then get to see what work has been carried out (as we assign a number of hours to tasks set within the strategy). No “smoke and mirrors”. Just good, honest SEO that is tried, tested and proven, and meets with Google’s quality guidelines.

So if you are interested in how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

Disclaimer: Obviously there may be some ‘pay on results’ SEO companies who do not conduct any unethical tactics. But if you are considering this approach then be very, very careful.

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