Batch Re-sizing Images

With many of our web design customers now using our CMS and e-commerce systems, I thought I’d post some quick tips on how to batch re-size your images. This is ideal for those who wish to optimise their content, making it faster to download and use less storage space on your hosting package.

To start, create a folder on your computer and copy all of the images you wish to re-size in there. This is just to help prevent the chance of accidentally resizing your original images. After you have done that, create another folder for where you wish your re-sized images to appear after the batch process.

How to batch re-size images in Photoshop

There are many versions of Photoshop, but in this example we are using CS4.

Start Photoshop and click on File -> Scripts -> Image Processor

The wizard is laid out with easy steps:

  1. Select your input folder – the images that you want to process
  2. Select your output folder – these will be your re-sized images
  3. Select the file type – for example; select a JPEG quality of around 80, select “size to fit” and put in max height and width – if you select 450px width and 450 px height,  this will ensure that the largest dimension of the new image is never more than 450 pixels.
  4. Click on run – Photoshop will open, scale and resave the images into your target folder


How to batch re-size images in Fireworks

Start Fireworks and click on File -> Batch Process

Select your target folder and select the images from within it – you can select images individually or add all.  Once you have selected the images click “next”.

On the batch options screen you select how you would like to manipulate the image.

  • Export allows you to select the export format and quality.
  • Scale has a number of options on how you would like to scale the image.
  • Use the “add button” to add any of the options and “edit” from the drop down to change the settings.
  • Click “next”, select your output folder
  • Click “batch” to begin the process


Free software for batch re-sizing images

If you do not have Photoshop or Fireworks, there is a free option available.  We recommend that you download pixresizer from Bluefive –

Click on the multiple images tab and add your source and destination folders.  There are other options such as default percentage decrease on size, images type, conversion etc.

One thing to note here which is not entirely obvious – in section 3 “Select file format” you check the box for the image format that you want to output – if you click on the descriptive text to the right (e.g. “Joint Photographic Experts Group”) you can change the quality settings or other images settings for the output.

Just select your folders as before, the image size and format and begin batch re-sizing your images.

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Posted on May 17, 2011 | Last modified: 14th March 2018
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