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How To Write an Effective Home Page

First impressions are incredibly important on the web and visitors will look at your home page as an introduction to the site and you.

A good home page explains what your site is about, what you want the visitors to do there, and what is in it for them if they do it (or what they get out of purchasing your product).

Follow our guide below to make sure you create a home page that works hard for you and your business.


  • Focus on benefits rather than features, what problems you can solve and how you can help visitors, rather then the features of your product or service
  • Use the "you" word as much as possible and the "we" word as little as possible
  • Write in language your visitors can understand. Try to steer away from complex words and meanings.
  • Provide a clear and unambiguous call to action
  • Make clear the benefit to the visitor of completing that action
  • Have all important text appear in the first screen without scrolling
  • Have supplementary links to the most important content on your site within the text or at the end of paragraphs

Do Not

  • Have a graphic only "splash-page" asking people to "click here" to reach your site. You will create extra clicks unnecessarily and lose traffic, this type of page is bad for search engine ranking too
  • Keep your content short and to the point - avoid padding out content with "buzz words" as they will switch your visitors off - our attention spans are very short on the web
  • Start every paragraph with your name or business name
  • Use the "we" word more than the "you" word
  • Use jargon - it impresses no-one!
  • Have too many graphics that make your home page more than 60kb in size, and consequently slow to download
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