New EU Cookie Law Affects Over 90% Of UK Websites

On the 26th of May 2012, a new law comes into effect where websites need to ask for permission before they can set most cookies. Any UK-based website which uses “non essential” cookies, such as visitor tracking code or advertising, is affected. This means that if your website uses Google Analytics, your website could be deemed illegal.

There is a lot of confusion about the law, with many people awaiting official responses from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Mozilla to see if they will provide a browser or service based solution, rather than everyone requiring to update their websites with individual alerts. A majority of website owners have also held back to see if the law will be changed as it could have a huge negative impact on all European business websites.

This article hopes to explain the law clearly, helping you make a decision on the action you want to take with your website.

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How to send large files online

We have often found that many people try sending large file attachments via e-mail. The main problem with this is that e-mails often struggle with receiving files larger than roughly 5 or 6MB, which leads to high bandwidth usage that could potentially cause your website to exceed it’s limit and go offline.

Why does exceeding bandwidth cause my website to go offline?
Each website on a server is assigned a limit of disk space and bandwidth. In order to maintain a high level of up-time service to all our clients, sites which exceed their limits are automatically put on hold in order to protect the other websites going down with it. Each site is given ample disk space and allowances, but if your website requires more on a regular basis, we can offer upgrades.

How do other companies offer unlimited hosting?
There are many low cost web hosting companies who claim to have “unlimited” web space and bandwidth. However, they often do have limits which are kept discreet under “fair usage” policies and other disclaimers. Their business model usually works by overselling space they have, assuming that their clients won’t all be using the resources at the same time (similar to a Gym membership). The main disadvantage of this business model is that with the web, there often can be a huge influx of traffic (such as when a company chooses to run a promotion). This causes instability and often results in all of the websites going offline on a server, instead of one.

So how can I share large files with my customers online?
There are a few online services that specialise in online storage and sharing large files. Many of which offer free services with a limit of 500MB-2GB. We highly recommend using a service called DropBox. Their free service allows you to store and share files up to 2GB in total. Another service, called YouSendIt, allows you to upload files and send a link for your customers to visit and download.

If you have any questions, please post a comment below. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about our reliable web hosting services, please get in touch.

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Facebook vs Twitter for Business

As a business owner, it is important to advertise even when busy to help maintain a steady flow of incoming work. Facebook and Twitter can be extremely effective marketing tools, but often it is hard to maintain a healthy balance for just one. This article looks at both social media platforms highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of both.



  • Status updates are not limited to 140 characters, meaning you can write more lengthy and descriptive posts
  • You can upload numerous photos, sorting them into albums
  • In the UK, Facebook has a larger user-base than Twitter
  • You can embed videos within your Facebook page
  • Once someone “likes” your page, it is announced on their feed which is viewable by their entire friends list

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What is SEO?

For our first article on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we thought we should start off right from the beginning. When we speak to new clients we often find that they don’t always fully understand what SEO is. So here’s our own explanation of SEO and it’s purpose.

SEO is the process of improving the traffic and online awareness of your website via natural, unpaid search results as opposed to online marketing such as PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. The theory is that the higher your website appears in the search results list, the more visitors/traffic it will receive from the search engine.

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Outgoing Email SMTP Server Settings UK

If you are experiencing problems with sending e-mails via, you should try using the SMTP settings provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). We have listed a wide range of SMTP settings for most UK ISP’s below for your convenience.

If you are a Viron Media customer and are still experiencing technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Popular SMTP Servers

Bt Click:
Bt Connect:
BT Internet:
BT Openworld:
NTL World:
Orange: (formally Freeserve and then Wanadoo)
Orange (Home):
Wanadoo: (Now Orange)

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